Your Niche for Content Creation

For many, creating content can seem like an intimidating task. With over 130,000 lawyers in Canada, finding a way to stand out is imperative to building a book of business. Creating content is a tool all lawyers have available to them but very few know how to strategically include content creation in building their profile and, in turn, their book of business.

If you use content creation to build your profile, one of your key goals should be in anticipating what client wants to read next, and how to get your expertise out to that network. For marketing, providing information that lawyers can use to make content creation “quick, easy and efficient” can be very helpful. This could be sharing when an update is made within a sector or perhaps sharing when an interesting news story breaks, thus giving lawyers an opportunity to create timely and deliberate content straight away.

When considering your strategy for content creation, understand that not everything needs to be elaborate and in-depth analysis. Writing does not have to be a tool for influencing others. Sharing your thoughts through writing can be an easy way to capture feedback and understand what others are thinking about.

There are lawyers who share their pet peeves, others who create content addressing the most frequently asked question that week, and others who comment only on significant cases. Once you have found your niche, you have an opportunity to create the kind of content that you will enjoy developing and your network will enjoy reading

As with all content creation, you have an opportunity to share with your community through email and social channels. As your profile grows, other opportunities with publishers such as Canadian Lawyer, CanLII, LexisNexis and more will come your way, often with requests to republish content at first, followed by case commentary to guest authors.

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