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In the event that you are found guilty of committing a crime, it is possible to appeal the conviction, the sentence, or both. Alternatively, if you are acquitted of a given crime, the Crown may also appeal the outcome.  The appeal process can be very time consuming and confusing; even more so than the trial itself.  New evidence is typically not presented during an appeal.  Instead, the appealing party endeavors to showcase how a mistake was made during the adjudication process at trial.  This effectively involves examining rules surrounding appeals and legal research.

Where an appeal is heard depends on the criminal proceedings during trial. Where the Crown elects to proceed summarily during the trial, an appeal may be made to the Superior Court of Justice upon conviction.  This may be further appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal.  Where the Crown elects to proceed by indictment during the trial, the appeal may be made straight to the Ontario Court of Appeal.  In the rarest of instances, an appeal from the Ontario Court of Appeal may even be made to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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