Tips Tuesday: SlawTips Is Moving to

After nearly 11 years, dozens of Tipsters, and more than 1200 tips, we’ve made the decision to transition SlawTips from its own site to being part of our content here at Slaw. Moving forward, you’ll now find new tips occasionally via our “Tips Tuesday” category.

A huge thanks to all the Tipsters who have generously contributed their pearls of wisdom since 2011. Like the main Slaw site, SlawTips would not be possible without the many authors who share their time and writing talent with the legal community here in Canada and abroad.

The SlawTips motto has always been “advice you can use — short and to the point”. Those pieces will continue to flow; but now here, and without having to leaving Slaw.

And finally, we are looking for new tipsters! Writers with ideas that can be packaged as short snippets of expertise, making research, practice or legal tech a little easier. Is that you? If so, please get in touch.

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