Has AI Made Content Marketing Less Relevant?

As new technologies change how we create content, they also change how we absorb information. While content marketing is a significant tool to build relationships and create an online presence, what technology has changed, and we need to be in front of, is the way audiences consume content and the value that is added. More so than ever, clients expect more dynamic forms of communication that deliver meaningful interactions.

How we generate and share content has evolved from the early days of writing articles for newsletters and magazines to interactive publications with podcasts, webinars, live-streaming events, and virtual reality experiences. This year we have seen a huge increase in the use of AI with tools like ChatGTP, Chatsonic, YouChat, Google Bard AI, and more. Firms are using these tools in different ways including identifying topics that are trending; using data capture to tailor content; modifying tone and fine-tuning content; or helping lawyers get past writer’s block.

With content marketing, we have the power to educate potential clients about the law and them a reason to trust your brand. I have long been a proponent of content marketing and I do not believe it is going anywhere anytime soon. What I do see changing is the speed at which content, good content that provides value, needs to be created and shared. We should be using technology to support content creation and deployment but it cannot take away from the depth and value of the material. AI can help us acquire knowledge but we need lawyers to provide the cognitive aspects that make content marketing relevant.

Simple content that does not add to the conversation is worth less today than it was in the past. AI is proving that. In many ways, content marketing is more important than ever. Producing content that includes real thoughts, delivers new ideas, and shows a depth of understanding shows the audience that you are not willing to take shortcuts and are an expert in your areas.

AI may help you be first to deliver content but that is much less important than adding value. By leveraging AI, firms of all sizes can remain competitive in our evolving digital landscape while engaging with targets more effectively than ever.

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