Get the Evidence Tools You Need to Prove Your Civil Case

Evidentiary considerations remain critical from the earliest stages of the case so one cannot competently undertake a litigation file without a thorough understanding of the rules of evidence, as interpreted by current case law. This knowledge will allow you to shape the strategy of your civil case and maximize the odds of a favourable outcome, whether or not the matter proceeds to trial.

The law and best practices concerning evidence are continually evolving. As a litigator, it is critical to not just keep on pace but to stay ahead of emerging issues.

Now in its 17th year, Osgoode’s celebrated annual conference The Civil Litigator’s Survival Guide to Evidence will give you the practical tips and knowledge you need to prevail in negotiations, discoveries, motions, pretrials and trials. Get the latest updates on evidence law and practice from a distinguished faculty of leading judges and senior practitioners so you have the best tools to shape your litigation strategy to lead to a favourable settlement or judgment.

Led by Program Chair Jacqueline L. King, C.S. of Shibley Righton LLP, don’t miss the opportunity to hear from both sides of the Bench and come away with practical tips and strategies you can use immediately to successfully prove your civil case, featuring:

The Hon. Justice David M. Brown, Court of Appeal for Ontario
The Hon. Justice Eileen Gillese, Court of Appeal for Ontario
The Hon. Justice Peter D. Lauwers, Court of Appeal for Ontario
The Hon. Justice Julie Thorburn, Court of Appeal for Ontario
The Hon. Justice Michael H. Tulloch, Court of Appeal for Ontario
The Hon. Justice Charles Chang, Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)
The Hon. Justice Sandra Nishikawa, Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)
The Hon. Justice Jamie K. Trimble, Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)
The Hon. Justice Susan Vella, Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)
Robert B. Bell, Lerners LLP
Sheila R. Block, Torys LLP
Geoff R. Hall, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Jacqueline L. King, C.S., Shibley Righton LLP
Gary Luftspring, Ricketts Harris LLP
William C. McDowell, Lenczner Slaght LLP
Hossein Moghtaderi, Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP
Michael H. Morris, Senior General Counsel, Department of Justice, National Litigation
Lisa C. Munro, Lerners LLP
Kathryn Podrebarac, Podrebarac Mediation
Kimberly Potter, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
H. Michael Rosenberg, McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Sarah Shaikh, General Counsel, Public Prosecution Service of Canada
Justin W. Yuen, Barrister & Solicitor

In one day, you will learn how to successfully navigate evidence rules in both remote and in-person proceedings, critical developments in expert evidence, how to avoid common mistakes in gathering or preparing evidence on motions and applications, tactics for maximizing the weight of your evidence, techniques when introducing or responding to a prior inconsistent statement, how to use virtual documents and business records to bolster your case, strategies to apply the rules of evidence to mediations and arbitrations, how to determine the best evidence to reach settlement, and more.

Don’t miss out on the highly anticipated judges’ panel, where you can have your questions answered directly by the decision makers! The judges will address the evidentiary problems they see in their courtrooms and provide practical solutions and tips on how to handle them.

Here’s what past attendees have said:

The selection of speakers and the depth of their knowledge is unparalleled.”

Speakers were very engaged and interesting. Good combination of legal and practical advice.”

Interesting sessions with practical tips.”

Great speakers. Great topics.”

Register now for the live, online program on January 20, 2023 or the online replay on February 24, 2023. Newly licensed (within the past 2 years) and group rates available.

Financial assistance is also available. For more information, please contact

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